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The accident attorneys at Babcock Partners in Baton Rouge are ready to assist you with any catastrophic personal injury, business litigation, contract dispute, unpaid overtime, or other criminal matters. Our Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys and business lawyers represent a myriad of clients from all over the world in courts throughout the state of Louisiana.

We represent diverse corporate clients as well as individuals in a wide arrange of matters from serious personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, to commercial litigation and contract disputes.

If you or someone you know are currently looking for an injury attorney with a strong track record, read more about our approach below or call us today for a free consultation and find out how we can work for you.


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How we will help you win your case

Where less experienced accident attorneys are reluctant to take a case to trial, our personal injury attorneys don’t hesitate to litigate when the opposing party refuses to fairly compensate our clients.

Though our first attempt is to find a fair and reasonable settlement, our main advantage is our reputation. Insurance companies and their trial lawyers know we will try a case, we do it all the time.

We identify liable parties & financial compensation you’re legally entitled to

Determining who is liable for your injuries and damages isn’t always a simple process. More complex cases routinely require an in-depth investigation into both liability and insurance coverage.

Whether your case is simple or complex, our personal injury attorneys will work hard to maximize the compensation for your medical and rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, disability, and any other losses you have suffered.

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Why We Win Accident Cases


Expert Research

Our injury lawyers often rely on outside experts to investigate the accident, interview witnesses, record physical evidence, and analyze the data available.


Fact Finding

When the facts are being disputed, our accident reconstruction experts can tip the scales in your favor.


Accident Reconstruction

We only use the best accident reconstruction experts available. With their assistance we are better able to present the best re-creation of the accident in court.

How We Prepare Your Accident Injury Case

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    While you are receiving medical treatment for your injuries, our accident attorneys will be busy preparing your case for trial.

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    We work with your doctors to understand your injuries, treatment and prognosis.

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    We also regularly consult with various experts to help reconstruct how the accident occurred.

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    We consult the most up to date legal databases to bolster our position for negotiation or trial.

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    You can rest assured that we will be prepared to present your case on your behalf with the goal of maximizing your recovery.

Start to Finish

We are with you from start to finish

We believe our client relationships are like partnerships. From the beginning, gathering facts and ensuring you are receiving medical treatment for your injuries, we are personally involved in for every step along the way. Our clients can rest assured that we are always available to provide updates about progress in their case. We know that a close working relationship is necessary to make sure your best cases is presented and the best possible outcome is achieved.

We will customize our approach no matter how complex the accident

We know that every accident case is different and that is why we make sure our injury attorneys quickly identify the legal and factual issues that will matter most in trial to each specific case. Our goal in obtaining this information is to develop the most compelling case necessary to present during settlement negotiations and trial.

We also know each case might not require the same amount of development. When the facts require it, we consult with experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, vocational rehabilitation, and economics in order to present a case that maximizes your recovery.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Samir AbdoSamir

Excellent team of professionals got me the money I deserved in my motorcycle personal injury case. I couldn’t have been in better hands from start to finish. Thanks guys!

Debbie AngleDebbie

I’ve had a great learning experience with Babcock Partners. They are excellent at what they do. I was very impressed with how they handled my personal injury case. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone, and God forbid if I ever need a personal injury attorney again, Stephen Babcock is the person I will call. They are all very professional, thorough, no one could have handled my case better.

Regis BellRegis

The lawyers at Babcock Partners handled my personal injury matter in a courteous, professional manner. They were always available. If you really want to contact these guys, you can get them on the phone. It’s unexplainable how great the communication was. If you ever have an injury matter or a case these are the guys to call.