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Baton Rouge, LA Personal Injury Attorney

If you are in need of a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney for an automobile accident, the attorneys at Babcock Partners are ready to help you with your catastrophic personal injury, business litigation, contract dispute, unpaid overtime, or criminal matters. Our Baton Rouge personal accident attorneys and business lawyers are there for you. We represent a myriad of clients from all over the world in courts all over the state of Louisiana. Our Baton Rouge, LA attorneys represent diverse corporate clients as well as injured individuals in a wide array of matters ranging from Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuits to high-profile Commercial Litigation and Contract Disputes. If you are looking for a Baton Rouge, LA attorney with a strong track record who handles cases state-wide, look no further. Click on the links above and below for more information, then call us to see if your case is one we can accept. The initial consultation is always free.

How Will Our Personal Injury Attorneys Help You Win your Case?

Our main advantage is our willingness to take a case to court. Although we always attempt to reach a settlement of your personal injury claim, we do not hesitate to litigate with the opposing party refuses to fairly compensate our clients. Less experienced accident attorneys are often reluctant to take a case to trial. Insurance companies and their trial lawyers know we will try a case if forced to do so, and often that reputation convinces them to accept a settlement favorable to our clients.

How Will We Prepare Your Accident Injury Case?

While you are receiving medical treatment for your injuries, our accident attorneys will be busy preparing your case for trial. We work with your doctors to understand your injuries, treatment, and prognosis. We also regularly consult with various experts to help reconstruct how the accident occurred. Finally, we consult the most up-to-date legal databases to bolster our position for negotiation or trial. You can rest assured that we will be prepared to present your case on your behalf with the goal of maximizing your recovery.

We Provide Personal Attention From an Accident Attorney Start to Finish

Our personal injury attorneys treat our client relationships like partnerships. From gathering the basic facts about the accident to ensuring that you are receiving the appropriate medical treatment for your injuries, our accident lawyers are personally involved in your case every step along the way. Our clients take comfort in knowing that their attorney is always available to provide updates about their progress of their case. In our experience, a close working relationship between the injury attorney and client is necessary to make sure your best case is presented and the best possible outcome is achieved.

Custom Approach to Every Case From Straightforward to the Most Complex Accidents

Every accident case is different. Our injury attorneys excel in quickly identifying the legal and factual issues in each case that will matter most at trial. Armed with that knowledge, we can efficiently develop a compelling case to be presented during settlement negotiations and at trial. When the facts of your case require it, our injury attorneys consult with experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, vocational rehabilitation, and economics in order to present a case that maximizes your recovery.

Expert Research, Fact Finding, and Accident Reconstruction

Sometimes its not clear how a car wreck happened. It’s quite common for both drivers in an accident to blame each other. In order to convince an insurance company, judge, or jury that you were not at fault, our accident attorneys often rely on outside experts to investigate the accident, interview witnesses, record physical evidence such as skid marks, and analyze the scientific data available. The accident reconstruction experts we retain transform the mountain of information they collect into a recreation of the accident that can be introduced in court. When the facts of a case are disputed, this kind of expert assistance can tip the scales in your favor.

We Identify Liable Parties and Financial Compensation You Are Legally Entitled to

Determining who’s liable for your injuries and damages is not always as simple as it seems. Complex cases with catastrophic injuries routinely require an in-depth investigation into both liability and insurance coverage. Whether your case is simple or complex, our personal injury attorneys will work hard to maximize the compensation for your medical and rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, disability, other losses you suffered.      

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We are a Martindale-Hubbell AV rated accident law firm that is also included in The Best Lawyers in America 2015 edition in the area of personal injury and we are the founders of Trial Masters. Our growth has come from understanding our clients’ problems and solving those problems with an insightful, common sense approach using our collective legal, practical, and political skills. We’re tanned, rested and ready to give your legal problems the attention they deserve, and if our Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys can’t help you, we will recommend an attorney that can. That’s our promise. Call us and find out why we are A New Breed of Law Firm.®